Kobold EB400 automatic electric brush

Optimal cleaning through fully automatic floor detection

  • Can be used for all floors and types of dirt
  • Fully automatic suction strength depending on the floor
  • Ideal for vacuuming under furniture
  • Safe parking position with automatic start-stop

Your highlights of the EB400 automatic electric brush

Matched to every type of floor

Optimises your cleaning by adapting it, for best results on different types of floors.

Nice carpets

Removes stubborn dirt from carpets with a high brush rotation of up to 2,500 rpm. In carpet mode, it lowers itself to bring the brushes closer to the floor.

Immaculate hard floors

Thorough cleaning of hard floors with an optimal brush rotation of 800 rpm. In hard floor mode, it rises slightly, lowers its sealing lamellae and extends the support roller so that it can roll over coarse dirt.

Detection by ultrasound

If you set the main switch to "Auto", ultrasonic sensors recognise the type of dirt independently and the settings are made fully automatically.

Reacts quickly

Manages the transition from carpet to hard floor without any problems. Automatically adapts in just 0.7 seconds.

Active display

The LED display on the front attachment shows the active floor mode (carpet or hard floor).

Don't leave anything behind

Loosens and sucks up all dirt and dust particles with its unique brush suction technology and its sealing lamellas over the full width.

Gentle on all floors

Care for all types of floors – with rotating brushes that clean gently but thoroughly.

Deep cleansing

Carpet cleaning down to the deepest layers with rotating brushes that thoroughly comb through fibres to loosen stubborn dirt.

Own motor drive

For maximum effectiveness, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is combined with the brush power of the EB400, which has its own motor drive.

Swivel & tilt joints

Thanks to the extremely manoeuvrable swivel joint, you can vacuum comfortably in all corners, nooks and crannies and along edges.

Greatest possible manoeuvrability

Thanks to the flat design and the joint that enables the suction unit to lie down close to the floor, cleaning under furniture is no problem either.

Exemplarily cleaned edges

Removes dust along walls. Thanks to effective suction power, baseboards are also cleaned effectively.

Scope of delivery

Our electric brush comes to you as an attachment:

  • 1 Kobold EB400 automatic electric brush

Technical information

Table HeaderTable Header
CaseHigh quality recyclable thermoformed plastic
MotorMaintenance-free DC motor and maintenance-free toothed drive belt
Tension220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Rated power50 W (used only in combination with Kobold vacuum cleaners)
Brush working width300 mm
Table HeaderTable Header
Battery charge time3-5 h (depending on load conditions)
Carpet mode1860-2500 RPM
Hard floors mode800 RPM
Weight1.8 kg
TallApprox. 7 cm (with horizontal joint)
BroadApprox. 30 cm
LengthApprox. 35 cm (with horizontal joint)

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