Kobold EB7
Automatic Electric Floor Brush

Can be used for all floors and types of dirt.

  • Can be used for all floors and types of dirt
  • Automatically recognizes floors, rugs and carpets.
  • Intelligently adjusts the brush rotation speed and suction power.
  • Four suction levels depending on the floor.
  • Safe parking position.

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the EB7 Automatic Electric Floor Brush

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Highlights of the Cordless Electric Brush

Performance Boost

An innovative floor detection system with four suction power levels and a performance boost button that allows vacuuming up larger soiled debris frequently found on floors.

Unique Front Flap

The performance front flap opens up to pick up particles, up to 1 cm in size. More power when vacuuming - simply at the push of a button.

Multifunctional Electric Brush

In Auto Mode, the Kobold EB7 automatically detects the type of floor surface and adjusts to the optimum rotation speed.
For hassle-free and stress-free cleaning!

Smart Power

Thanks to the integrated display, information about the system is shown in real time:

  • Charging & Remaining Battery Percentage
  • Power Level
  • Filter Bag Status
  • Bluetooth® Connection
  • Error and Warning Messages

Long Lasting Battery

The battery of Kobold VK7 lasts until the last second, up to 1500 charging cycles (depending on cleaning conditions and use). Furthermore, the charging time is particularly short, and it’s equipped with self-cooling material to extend its operating time. For longer cleaning times and extended battery service life!

Never in Contact with Dust Again!

Thanks to the premium quality of the FP7 Filter Bags, the VK7 System has been certified by TÜV Nord as suitable for allergy sufferers.

Allergen Proof

The four-layers and three filtration system technology, allow our Filter Bags to remove 99.99% of particles up to 0.3 microns. It includes anti-odor absorbents inside!

Twice as Silent as Competitors!

The new Kobold VK7 Modular Cleaning System can be used on all occasions and all hours of the day.
Thanks to maximum noise emissions of 78dB, the new Kobold VK7 will amaze you with its silence.

MyKobold App Features

- Cleaning status report
- Push notifications for maintenance and    accessory changes
- Contact your advisor for accessory changes
- Consumption of calories burned during    cleaning report


With MyKobold App, making your home shine is even easier! Thanks to the Bluetooth® connection you can connect the Kobold VK7 to the app and customize the suction settings of the EB7 multifunctional electric brush.

Scope of delivery

Our Multifunctional Electric Brush comes to you as an attachment.

  • 1 Kobold EBB100 cordless electric brush

Discover the 2-in-1
Vacuuming and Mopping Now

Not only saves effort, but also a lot of time! Cordless vacuuming and mopping in just one step with the SP7 cordless vacuum cleaner. Discover the ingenious Kobold VK7 system! Efficient, thorough – and flexible thanks to individual attachments. Wireless. Flawless. Weightless.

Frequently Asked

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