Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner

Streak-free, clean window and glass surfaces

  • 3 work steps in one
  • Light weight
  • Little water consumption
  • No dirty hands

The Easiest Way to Clean Windows

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Your Highlights of the VG100 Window Cleaner

Cut Your Workload in Half

Brush your windows clean with just one wipe. Run the window cleaner over dirty panes and your windows will be beautifully clear and streak-free

Surprisingly Easy

The window cleaner manages all work steps in one: moisten the window, remove dirt and suck up dirty water at the same time.

Enjoy Shining Glass

The window cleaner is ideal for cleaning various glass surfaces in your home. For example window panes, glass tables and mirrors.

Don't Give Stripes A Chance

The suction dries the glass surface so quickly that streaks cannot develop in the first place.

Long-Lasting & Highly Absorbent

The microfibre cloth is durable and absorbs a large part of the cleaning fluid thanks to its high suction power. Machine washable at 60°C.

Easier Work

You pull the window cleaner in parallel lines over the window pane – a 30 watt motor does the rest.

Clean With One Hand

The Kobold VG100 weighs only 1 kg, so you can operate it with just one hand. And the dirty water is sucked off so quickly that both hands stay dry from start to finish.

Twice as Fast

Window cleaning only takes half as long as with conventional methods, since every wipe offers a complete cleaning.

Fast Preparation

When the tank is full and the battery is charged, it starts at the push of a button.

Save Water and Detergent

Clean well and efficiently. With just 80 ml of water and 5 ml of Kobold GC100 glass cleaning concentrate, you can clean a glass surface of approx. 20 m². If used appropriately, the concentrate is sufficient for 40 applications.

Long Lasting Battery

When the battery is fully charged, the window cleaner does a clean job for at least 30 minutes.

Wireless Convenience

There are no limits to your cleaning. As soon as the battery is charged, the window cleaning can start wirelessly and comfortably.

Awards of Our VG100 Window Cleaner

Scope of Delivery

The Window Cleaner Consists Of The Following Components:

  • Kobold VG100 window cleaner
  • Kobold VG100 storage tray
  • Kobold MF100 microfibre cleaning cloth (2x)
  • Kobold GC100 cleaning concentrate
  • Kobold VC100/VG100 charger

Technical Information

Table HeaderTable Header
WeightApprox. 995g (excluding charger and cleaning fluid)
Dimensions (L x W x H)Approx. 110 mm/140 mm/290 mm
Consumption (per use)"Water: 80 ml Cleaning concentrate: approx. 5 ml"
CaseHigh quality recyclable thermoformed plastic
AutonomyBattery lasts at least 30 min
Table HeaderTable Header
BatteryLithium ion battery
MotorMaintenance-free DC motor (30 W) with 18,000 rpm output
Connection values"Input voltage 110-240 V AC 50/60 Hz Output voltage 10.8 -12 V DC"

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