Kobold VK200 handheld vacuum cleaner

Your basic set for all floors

  • Outstanding cleaning performance on all floors
  • Automatic ground detection
  • Easy to carry
  • Extremely manoeuvrable and space-saving storage

Your highlights of the VK200 handheld vacuum cleaner

Removes dirt with ease

Perfectly clean surfaces thanks to the outstanding suction power in connection with the rotating brushes of the Kobold EB400 automatic electric brush.

Pleasant work

The fully automatic sliding force regulation adapts to all floors and ensures comfortable working

Adapts to any surface

Clean your home with the complete Kobold VK200 cleaning system, regardless of whether it is floors, furniture, beds or upholstery.

A feeling of absolute freshness

Measurably improved air quality helps allergy sufferers. Dovina freshness fragrance chips ensure a pleasant freshness.

Extremely agile

Thanks to the high manoeuvrability of the freely rotating joint, you can easily vacuum under furniture, in corners and on edges.


The automatic floor detection with the Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush adjusts the suction power instantly to the respective settings for carpets or hard floors.

Stop/start in seconds

Enjoy maximum flexibility when cleaning: if you want to interrupt cleaning, simply bring the Kobold into an upright position. To continue vacuuming, simply tilt the device backwards to release the parking position.

Easy filter bag change

The LED display informs you when you need to change the filter bag. Simply open the flap, take out the old filter bag and insert a new one.

Long range

Long range for cleaning. Thanks to the long cable, you save yourself frequent reconnecting when vacuuming.

Adjustable for greater comfort

With its adjustable telescopic handle, the Kobold VK200 is easy to use for young and old and makes housework child's play.


People with back problems benefit from the light weight, extreme manoeuvrability and pull-out handle of the Kobold. Lifting aids such as the shoulder strap and the handle ensure that vacuuming is less physically strenuous. For ergonomic cleaning.

Performance at the push of a button

The switch for power regulation is located directly on the handle and enables convenient operation and adjustment of the suction power during suction.

Also practical for attachments

Attaching and removing attachments is simple. Snap in and off you go. Press the release button to remove the attachment.

Fresher air

The deep cleaning of your floors and furniture with the Kobold VK200 improves air quality, thanks to the TÜV-certified premium filter bag, and directly influences the well-being of allergy sufferers.

99.99% effectiveness

99% of all particles, such as allergens, are caught by the new Kobold FP200 Premium filter bag.


Our high manufacturing quality ensures that you can enjoy your goblin for a long time.

Top performance

Impressive cleaning results with very little effort make your life easier.

Outstanding technology

The Kobold VK200 offers innovative and reliable top-class technology that is tailored to your needs.

The right attachment for the VK200 for every application

Scope of delivery

The VK200 handheld vacuum cleaner basic set consists of the following components:

  • 1 Kobold VK200 handheld vacuum cleaner
  • 1 Kobold VK200 connection cable (10 m)
  • 1 Kobold EB400 automatic electric brush
  • 6 Kobold FP200 Premium filter bags

Technical information

Table HeaderTable Header
WeightApprox. 3 kg (without accessories)
CaseHigh quality recyclable thermoformed plastic
MotorMaintenance-free reluctance motor with ball bearings and electronic performance control at a nominal rotational speed of 60,000 RPM
VentilatorSingle stage radial fan
Tension220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Table HeaderTable Header
Nominal Power700 watts
Action ratioMin. 7 m according to IEC 60312-1
Negative pressure max.160 hPa (according to DIN EN 60312-1/at 700 W)
Max air flow44.5 l/s (according to DIN EN 60312-1/at 700 W)
Suction level max.280 W with clean filter (according to DIN EN 60312-1/at 700 W)
Efficiency grade max.40% (according to DIN EN 60312-1/at 700 W)
Filter bag volume2.2 l according to IEC 60312-1
Dimensions (L x W x H)Approx. 15 cm x 21 cm x 85/109 cm
Table DataDust emissionApprox. 0.001 mg/m3 according to EN 60312
Sound EmissionSound power level 78 dB (A) re 1 pW with the Kobold EB400 automatic electric toothbrush according to EN 60704-2-1

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