Kobold Accessories
for Above-Floor and 
Hard-to-Reach Corners

  • Lightweight, practical and easy to handle
  • Effortlessly reach and clean hard-to-access areas
  • Complementary accessories that optimize various cleaning needs

Cleaning Accessories

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Highlights of the cordless electric brush

The Kobold SB7
Extendable Suction Hose

This is the essential extendable suction hose that allows all the accessories to be used with the VK7 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for outstanding above-floor cleaning.
The counterpart that fits between the accessory and the vacuum cleaner.

The Kobold FD7
Surface Nozzle

The inclined, long and extremely soft bristles on this all-purpose nozzle make it perfect for reaching niches, corners and removing dust from all types of smooth and irregular surfaces.
This suction duster works extremely well in car cockpits and on computer and piano keyboards; bookshelves; windowsills and mantlepieces covered in picture frames and ornaments; floor-standing lamps and lampshades; extraction hoods in kitchens; etc. The list really is endless.

The Kobold VD7
Variable Nozzle Set

A byword for versatility, this three-piece set comprises the variable nozzle, a drilling attachment and a crevice brush. The center piece, the variable nozzle, features an extendable and flexible tip that will reach into even the most hidden-away dust spots.
 The crevice brush fits onto the tip of the variable nozzle and enables it to access extremely confined spaces. Perfect for vacuuming skirting boards and spaces between furniture and bookshelves.
The drilling attachment allows your customers to collect brick and drill dust as they go about their DIY tasks.

The Kobold CD7
Car Nozzle

Kobold comes to the rescue of everyone who has ever experienced frustration when trying to vacuum between sills and seat rails in car interiors.
The CD7 Car Nozzle – featuring a flexible rubber tip – has been specifically designed to reach into the tightest spots and spaces inside cars.
Your customers will love this supremely useful attachment, which makes cleaning inside the car as straightforward and effective as cleaning inside the home.

The Kobold TD7
Textile Nozzle

The TD7 is the small, practical nozzle for cleaning all types of textiles – anything from upholstered furniture to curtains and car seats.
It even works brilliantly on clothes to remove pet hair, fibres and lint. Very efficient also for vertical cleaning (e.g. curtains).


The Kobold TR7
Telescopic Tube

For all those times when your customers need that extra reach. Whether to vacuum high cobwebs, ceiling cornices or curtain rods, or finally clean those suspended light fixtures, the Kobold TR7 Telescopic Tube comes to the rescue.
No need for unstable ladders, meaning less risk of injury during cleaning, too.

The Kobold SG7
Shoulder Strap

This strap clips onto and supports the VK7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to provide complete freedom of movement for users. 
Supporting the vacuum cleaner on your shoulder allows you to use one hand to operate the accessory while the other lifts cushions, moves books, draws back curtains and shifts chairs. 
Clear the way for cleanliness!

Highlights of the Cleaning Accessories

Convenience without Limits

The rotating handle combined with the lightness of Kobold VK7 and the practicality of the Kobold SG7 shoulder strap makes cleaning simple.

Versatile for Any Need

The wide range of accessories make the VK7 more suitable for any cleaning task. Thanks to the light weight and compact design of the system, reaching radiators, skirting boards, bookcases, chandeliers, ceilings and high parts of the house will no longer be a problem.

Cars that Look Like New

The Kobold car nozzles help you in cleaning the many crevices of a car. Because of its wireless technology and light weight, cleaning inside the car is even easier and more convenient.

Scope of delivery

Our Cleaning Accessories:

  • The Kobold SB7 Extendable Suction Hose
  • The Kobold FD7 Surface Nozzle
  • The Kobold VD7 Variable Nozzle Set
  • The Kobold CD7 Car Nozzle
  • The Kobold TD7 Textile Nozzle
  • The Kobold TR7 Telescopic Tube
  • The Kobold SG7 Shoulder Strap

Discover the 2-in-1
Vacuuming and Mopping Now

Not only saves effort, but also a lot of time! Cordless vacuuming and mopping in just one step with the SP7 cordless vacuum cleaner. Discover the ingenious Kobold VK7 system! Efficient, thorough – and flexible thanks to individual attachments. Wireless. Flawless. Weightless.

Frequently Asked

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