Kobold VT300 cylinder vacuum cleaner

Outstanding cleaning performance with the test winner!

  • Outstanding cleaning performance on all floors
  • Automatic ground detection
  • Suitable for larger households
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

Your highlights of the VT300 cylinder vacuum cleaner

Suitable for all floors

Vacuuming from one room to another – with just one universal attachment. Optimal cleaning of all floors, from carpets to hard floors, with the EB400 automatic electric brush (included in the set).

Automatically adapts

In conjunction with the Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush, your cylinder vacuum cleaner automatically optimises its settings as soon as its ultrasonic sensors detect changed floor conditions.

Versatile accessories

Do all conceivable cleaning situations with the help of the extensive range of attachments.

Highly flexible

Vacuuming without having to turn the cylinder vacuum cleaner or align the hose: the hose with 360° joint follows you everywhere.

Reaches the tightest spaces

With the large freedom of movement that the attachment offers thanks to its swivel joint, you can easily drive around obstacles and clean hard-to-reach areas.

Big radius

With a range of almost 11 m, the hose offers you a generous cleaning radius so that you can do your work with ease.

Improves the air quality

You can significantly reduce the allergen concentration in your home if you vacuum with the Kobold FP300 Premium filter bags. These filter bags trap 99.99% of the allergenic particles from the air and are certified by TÜV Nord.

Large filter bags and easy to change

The 4.5 l filter bags offer plenty of space. And are easy to switch. Open the flap, take out the old filter bag, insert a new one. Finished.

Perfect timing at all times

The LED display tells you at any time when the filter bag needs to be changed.

Scope of delivery

The VT300 cylinder vacuum cleaner basic set consists of the following components:

  • 1 Kobold VT300 cylinder vacuum cleaner
  • 1 Kobold ESS300 electric suction hose
  • 1 Kobold ESR300 electric suction tube
  • 1 Kobold EB400 automatic electric
  • brush 5 Kobold FP300 premium filter bags

Do you have any questions about the VT300 cylinder vacuum cleaner? We have the answers!

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