Control Your Kobold VR200/VR300
Robot Vacuum with the MyKobold App

Operate your robot hoover remotely – even when you are on the go!

A Clean Home at All Times

Operate your robot hoover with the MyKobold app for your smartphone or tablet. No matter where you are, when you get home, everything is freshly vacuumed. Make use of the various options.

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Use all functions and download the MyKobold app for your Kobold VR300 now for free.

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Ingenious, Simple And Full Functionality

Start and stop
Cleaning - Even When You Are Out and About

Start your robot hoover conveniently with your smartphone. Both from home and on the go and look forward to a perfectly cleaned home.

Schedule Function

Use the MyKobold app to conveniently set when the Kobold VR200/VR300 should clean your house. You can set both the time and the days.

Cleaning All Rooms

With just a tap of your finger, your robot vacuum cleaner cleans all accessible rooms. Look forward to perfect cleanliness with minimal effort.

Spot Cleaning Spot

cleaning is recommended for areas that require particularly intensive cleaning. Simply set the desired spot size. If necessary, the Kobold VR200/VR300 can also perform double cleaning. So not a crumb is left.

Manual Control

With the help of the MyKobold app you can navigate your vacuum robot to hard-to-reach places. The clear navigation makes this child’s play.

3 Floor Plans
With No-Go Lines

On request, the VR300 vacuum robot can create up to three floor plans in the free MyKobold app. You can draw virtual magnetic tape, the so-called no-go lines, in a floor plan. This is how you show your robot which areas it is allowed to enter and which areas it should stay away from.

Zone Cleaning

If you would like to have specific areas cleaned – then simply create zones yourself and let the robot clean them.

Cleaning Overview
and Cleaning Statistics

If you wish, your VR300 will send you a message on your smartphone after each cleaning, stating that it has finished cleaning. In the MyKobold app under Statistics – accessible via the start screen of the MyKobold app – you can find the cards of previous cleanings. Here you can see exactly which areas he cleaned, how many square metres and how much time he needed.