Kobold VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Software Update

Updates for your vacuum robot VR200: The software of the Kobold vacuum robot is continuously developed and optimized by Vorwerk engineers. Download the latest version and install it on the vacuum robot as described below.

Software Updates

Latest version 2.1.7

What's New?

We Recommend This Update For Your Kobold VR200 To Ensure Better And Safer Operation.

  • The SSL certificate has been renewed
  • The integration and control of the robot in the MyKobold app is possible again

You Need This for A Software Update

  • Kobold USB adapter (included)
  • USB stick (not included; please use a high quality USB stick)

It's That Easy

1. Before performing the software update, switch off the VR200 via the menu and restart it.

2. Pick up an empty USB stick.

3. Download the current software version and save / extract this file on your computer.

4. Save the file folder (directory) “RobotData” on your USB stick.

5. There is a USB port under the cover of your robot vacuum cleaner. Remove the rubber protection there.

6. Connect the robot vacuum cleaner to the USB stick using the USB adapter.

7. Select “Settings” in the main menu of your vacuum robot.

8. Then select the item “Software Update”. The robot now carries out the update and then switches on again.

Note:   Please note that it is no longer possible to downgrade to a lower software version after updating to version 2.1.7.

Which Version Do I Have?

How to find out the version of your Kobold VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is explained step by step below:

Select "Info" in the main menu of your vacuum robot.

Select "Revision" in the display.

The second line (Sw ver) indicates the existing version (here version 1.4.20 as an example).